A law firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP)

  • IP is how you protect the aspects of your business that make it unique and give you a competitive edge
  • Patents can protect your products and the methods for manufacturing those products
  • Trademarks can protect your trade name and your logo so you can develop a branding strategy to set you apart from your competitors
  • Copyrights can protect the way your creative works are distributed, altered, or reproduced
  • Trade Secrets can protect your confidential information from being used by your competitors
  • Licensing is how you control the legitimate use of your IP by others

Oppenhuizen Law specializes in creating IP portfolios to help its clients build and grow their businesses.  Will you let us help you too?

Firm Philosophy

Your Success is Our Success

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We don’t cut corners, and we take pride in our work. We treat clients the way we would like to be treated, and we give honest advice intended to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Intellectual Property entails many different strategies for protecting your business.  We will work with you to create legal protection that is tailored to your particular needs.

That may include a utility patent for your product, trade dress protection for your distinctive product packaging, trademark registration for your logo, or copyright protection for your creative artwork.

Once we have the full picture of what you need to protect, we will lay out your options and give you details on pricing and timing.  We will make recommendations based on your specific situation, and you will decide how you’d like to protect your Intellectual Property using the information we have given you.

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Information on Intellectual Property

-How long does it take to get a patent?

-Is there a “world” patent?

-How much does a patent cost?

-Do I need a trademark registration?

-Why should I do a trademark search, and when is the best time to do one?

-How do I protect my trade secrets from others?

-Why should I get a copyright registration?

We are resourceful, and we like working with others who are as well.  We have provided a FAQ section that will help answer many of your questions on Intellectual Property.